QamarDeen is a new and unique Islamic app developed by Batoul Apps and designer Bandar Raffah. We hope that by providing a way to track daily Islamic activities, QamarDeen will help our Muslim Brothers and Sisters reinvigorate their continuous efforts to improve their faith.

QamarDeen is named after a sun-dried apricot juice popular in the Middle East during Ramadan. The brightly colored juice is energizing after the day's fast. As we taste the sweet drink and thank Allah for His blessings, we renew our intention to strive for the sweetness of our faith as well. We hope that QamarDeen, the app, will help us all strengthen that intention.
The App Store is full of apps that help you track how much you exercise, how much you work and how much you spend. Download for free the one app that helps you keep track of what matters most - your faith. May Allah give us goodness in this life and the next, InshAllah.

Batoul Apps is an independent software company dedicated to developing Islamic software on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. By fully embracing these platforms, Batoul Apps creates native applications that are fun and easy to use. From the elegant prayer time software, Guidance, to the beautifully designed Quran app, Quran Reader, Batoul Apps crafts each app with dedication and attention to detail. Batoul Apps is proud to bring Islamic software to the next level and provide these tools to the future generation of Muslims.

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